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Now is the right time to sign up with Westside Realty. The Real Estate Industry is rapidly changing, with lower inventories of homes to sell, high competition and rising interest rates. Say goodbye to all the hidden fees and time consuming mandatory meetings of old fashioned brokerages. We provide the opportunity for you to be more competitive and flexible in this changing market. Use the additional commission to market yourself more and spend more time building those relationships that will grow your business. Increase your bottom line. Sign up with Westside Realty today and get started making more money.

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  • $135/Transaction

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  • $50/Month
  • $500 Per Sale
  • $250 Per Lease

Team Leader

$ 999
/ year
  • $45/month (members)
  • $250 Per Sale
  • $150 Per Lease

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$ 39 / Month
  • 80% Commission
  • $300 Per Sale
  • $150 Per Lease

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We provide our Associate-Licensees with the ability to earn what they expect. If you are a licensed California Real Estate Agent, Westside Realty can provide you with the opportunity to grow your business. We provide a place for agents to have more options when structuring their transactions. Doesn’t it make more sense to be in front of the market, rather than behind it?

- Drake Goosby, Founder & CEO

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Westside Realty is a brokerage designed for independent and self-motivated California Licensed Real Estate agents, looking for the best situation, to do what they do best.

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